Next Generation Business Management Software for SMEs


Intact Xline is a powerful business management software solution designed for small to medium-sized companies. The functionality of Intact Xline extends far beyond that of a traditional accounting package providing businesses with functionality and features to support every department within their business, enabling them to drive efficiencies, increase productivity and enhance customer service levels.


A Perfect Fit Solution For Your Business 

Like all Intact Software solutions, Intact Xline is industry driven and will grow and flex in line with the future needs of your business.

The flexible nature of our
software also enables us to provide your business with a ‘perfect fit’ solution that connects people and technology with your commercial and strategic goals so that your business can always operate at its best.


Designed for the Digital Economy

Intact Xline is an ideal solution for merchant, distribution/wholesale and retail businesses with 2–50  users, who do not require a full ERP solution, yet wish to embrace new technologies related to mobility and selling online.
Our solutions are delivered by a team with many years of industry experience, ready to guide and advise you on your digital journey to enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction.

Future-Proof Your Business

Intact Xline has been built using a modern technology platform providing you with a future-proofed system that can enhance your business operations far into the future. 

The Intact Xline technology layer is such that it also opens the door to secure integration with cloud-based ‘best in class´ mobile and web apps/systems.



Intact XLine is a powerful solution encompassing a vast range of features and functionality all designed to make it easier for your customers to do business with you and to maximise productivity across your organisation.

Some of the key feature highlights are noted below. For more information click here to request a copy of the Intact Xline brochure.

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User-Friendly Design

Modern, intuitive design makes Intact Xline a very easy to use and navigate system. Screens can also be personalised at company, role or individual user level to further enhance the user experience.


Advanced Trade Counter

A fast, efficient, easy to use trade counter is a must for your customers. Facilitate rapid order entry, quotation, stock inquiry and returns processing with minimum keystrokes whilst also retaining tight control of your margins.


Smart Stock Control

Our wide range of useful stock management features enables you to maintain accurate and efficient stock levels, ensuring that less money gets tied up in your warehouse and you retain effective control of your product margins.


Credit Control & Accounts

Intact Xline boasts a range of features that support tight control of your business finances, including margins, profitability, credit control, VAT reporting, cost centre reporting and budgeting. 


Quotation, Sales and Purchase
Order Processing

With a clear emphasis on quick access to vital information, the quotation, sales and purchase order processing module can be used for many different applications; it will be the beating heart of any trading company.


Analytics, Scheduled Reporting and Real-Time Intelligence

The Intact ‘Data Drill’ provides state-of-the-art interactive data mining and analysis. In addition, the Xmanager dashboard provides managers with real-time key management information. This is complemented with the Report Scheduler, which can be configured to deliver the reports you require at specified times.


Security and Privacy Controls

Within Intact Xline you can protect your critical data by ensuring that information such as product cost, bank account information, supplier ledgers, general ledgers etc. remain discrete to certain users.



Intact Xline is both multi-branch and multi-location enabled. Intact Xline will seamlessly manage all of your business locations with all data feeding into one central system.


To successfully operate in today's digital economy means you need a modern ERP/business management system in place that can support fully integrated e-commerce platforms and facilitate enterprise mobility throughout your organisation.


The Power of Mobile

Intact XLine has many new features designed to mobilise your workforce. It fully integrates with the Intact Access Mobile app to provide your team with access to the key business information & controls they need anytime, anywhere. 

The wide-ranging functionality offered can be tailored by user. This makes Intact Access a highly personalised mobile work tool for your employees.


The Smart Way to Sell Online

Build your online store with Intact Cliqxa fully integrated b2b & b2c e-commerce solution. 

Magento Integration, nopCommerce Integration and, sophisticated APIs make doing business online easier. Real-time integration with your Intact Xline solution results in multiple benefits for your business & your customers.



Intact Xline is a brand new product built using the latest technology stack to provide you with a futureproofed solution that can access new technologies and facilitate a constant stream of innovation. Intact Xline has been rigorously developed & tested to ensure all of the features and functionality you love about your current Intact Software Vline product is replicated in Intact Xline. This will greatly assist end-user acceptance with very minimal training required. It also ensures the migration path is seamless.

Our Intact Xline product is fully supported by our professional services team and migration couldn't be easier.  It can be done in a matter of hours and outside your business hours.  For larger companies, we do recommend that you take this opportunity to clear out some of your old irrelevant data and/or undertake a business process review to ensure you make optimum use of the new features & functionality available to you and your users in Intact Xline.


Intact Xline Migration Test

Unfortunately it was not possible for us to migrate every single little piece of code from Intact Vline to Intact Xline, in spite of the time and investment that was dedicated to this project. In order to see if your system is compliant with Intact Xline please fill in the details below and someone will test your license and revert with a response in the coming days.

Intact Xline Migration Test

Simple migration from Sage or from Intact Software Vline Product


Intact Xline has an inbuilt migration process to facilitate a seamless migration process from Intact Vline or from Sage Line 50 or 100.  

Companies migrating from Intact Vline can use this opportunity to clear out some old data that is no longer required.

Intact Vline users are also offered an unlimited lifetime of access to their old dataset and systems without the need for extended support or licensing.

Contact us for more information and to apply for a current customer loyalty discount or competitive pricing proposal.