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Elevate your Business with Intact iQ

If you’re looking for a perfect fit ERP software solution that enable your business to operate at its best, then we should talk.

Your business, at it's best

The Intact iQ platform moulds itself around your operations because we believe how you run your business should not be dictated by a piece of software. Intact iQ accommodates your current and improved business processes with ease and its modern, user friendly dashboards, workflows and drag and drop screens makes the entire system highly personalised, easy to use and flexible.

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over our 26 years

Implementing ERP software does not have to be a nightmare

Since 1992, our team has been working with customers like you, not to replace their ERP system, but to deliver a better version of their business.

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Merchant, Retail, Wholesale, Distribution and businesses who need perfect fit solutions for their business is where our expertise and track record lies.